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December 11, 2017
 Sunday, October 18, 2015
 Annual Men/Women's Day Celebration
Chairpersons:  Elders Eric & Vernetta Clanton 
 Sunday, February 12, 2012
 Annual Red Dress Sunday -  Healthy Hearts' Day
Ministerial Staff & Choir 
Bishop & Elder Yvonne Guy
Sacred Zion Adult Dance Ministry (Muriel Harrison & Mekong Taylor)

Sis. Brenda Gladden
Church Officer Bro. Dale with Sis. Donna Teel
Deacon Pat Brown
Temple Hostess Sis. Velma Owens

Photographs Courtesy of MIT Tawanda Smith
Sunday, February 19, 2012
1st Gentleman's Day 
Bishop Bertha & First Gentleman Ron Greene 
Sis. Brenda Gladden, Deacon Carolyn Steed & Elder Yvonne Guy 
Minister Mike Graves, Minister Gary Reynolds & Chairman of Deacon Board Will Brown 
First Gentleman Ronald Greene & Siblings 
Minister Thomas Greene, Sis. Mildred Greene Briscoe, Bro. Calvin Greene 
Sunday, February 26, 2012
Youth Sunday 2012
Little Kayla Torrence is poised to capture every word of the message!...
Today her Mother, Youth Ministry Leader Minister Ashley Torrence, inspired the congregation with the theme, Hold Your Tongue! Using the Biblical wisdom of Solomon (Proverbs 10: 10-14 & 19), Minister Ashley emphasized that our conversations form the foundations of life relationships. Speak love, even in the midst of adversity!
Sacred Zion is very proud of this young family, who without hesitation uses the gifts God has given them in service.  Minister Ashley and her husband, Minister (Kenneth) Shawn Torrence, bring the Church Body to standing praise and worship in their Mime presentations. All of the Torrences are Musicians!  Minister Shawn is the highly accomplished drummer for Sacred's Music Ministry.  Minister Ashley blends her beautiful vocals with the Praise Team, as well as with various other Sacred choirs.  Little Kayla and Keyonte are members of the Children's Choir.  Keyonte is an up and coming drummer, mimicking the rhythms he hears from his Dad!  Kayla is a dancer with Sacred Doves! 
Continued prayers and blessings are offered for these devoted followers of Christ!
8:00 AM Baptismal Service
                                                        Two of Many Baptized Youth Church Members
Trustee Chairperson Zoe Rideout Greets Our Visitors at 11 am Service!
Minister of Music Edye Poole and Mr. Donald Chambers
Trayshawn and Kyle Joined in the Combined Church Celebration!