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December 11, 2017



Have you ever thought just a wee little bit, of how it would seem to be a misfit, and how you would feel if YOU had to sit, on the other side of the desk? Have you ever looked at the man who seemed a bum, as he sat before you nervous...dumb...and thought of the courage it took to come, to the other side of the desk? Have you ever thought to yourself, "It could be I," if the good things of life had passed me by, and maybe I'd bluster and maybe I'd lie, from the other side of the desk? Did you make him feel he was full of greed, make him ashamed of his race or creed, or did you reach out to him in his need, to the other side of the desk? May GOD give us wisdom and lots of it, and much compassion and plenty of grit, so that we may be kinder to those who sit, on the other side of the desk.


Sacred Zion's Outreach Ministry Team meets on the 1st weekend of every month ministering through the streets of downtown Baltimore.  We distribute bag lunches to our brothers and sisters who are homeless.  They often find 'the other side of the desk' in card board boxes, paper pallets, and worn blankets under the Falls Road underpass.  Still, there are many 'other' sides stretched across air vents as the team travels along Fayette Street, or exposed outside walls along the Main U.S. Post Office building.

The Outreach Team's resources are very limited at this time.  In addition to the food items presently distributed, warm blankets and outer clothing are now desperately needed.  May we be kinder to those who sit, on the other side of the desk?'  When you come across some "2 for 1 specials" in your favorite market, or even better "10 for 10 items", would you please consider sharing the extras with this team?  The following items are currently placed in each bag:

 Sandwiches ( Bread, Peanut Butter, Meat, Tuna, etc.)    

 Fruit                    Snacks                      Juice    

( Contributions of bags, sandwich bag/wrap, and napkins help, too!)

Warm blankets, coats, sweaters, socks, hats, gloves and scarves ( "Thank You" Elder Dennis for the hats, gloves and scarves) are also greatly appreciated!  

If you are able to support the efforts of this ministry in any way, please email Trustee Izora Rideout at Zoe111@verizon.net and write  "Outreach-Donation" in the subject line.  

Donations can also be made in person or by standard mail to:
Sacred Zion Full Gospel Baptist Church
346 N. Denison Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21229

(410) 624-0624

When Bishop introduced our 2012 church theme, Our Responsibility to One Another, it reinforced a valuable lesson taught me by my mother, " Be careful how you treat other people, you could one day be on the other side of the desk."   In these words, she had paraphrased and passed on the original sentiments of an
Unknown Author

God's Love!
The Outreach Team Of

Sacred Zion Full Gospel Baptist Church

"Where The Fallen Shall Be Raised To Stand"