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December 11, 2017
Organizer and Senior Pastor
Bishop Bertha M. Greene
Bachelor of Theology /Master of Divinity / Doctorate of Ministry/Doctorate of Sacred Theology
Church Administration/Administrator
 Events Planning  -  Sis. Shelby Ferebee-Penn
Marketing/Social Media/Web Design
                      Audio & Visual Aids                       
Deacon Robert Owens, Sr.
 Bro. Antonio Matthews
Photography:  TBD 
Shunammite Ministry 
Deacon Terry Beasley, Chief Armorbearer
Minister Garrett Reynolds, Sergeant-at-Arms
D.I.T. Brenda Gladden 
                                                                Deacon Linda Patterson
The Biblical Learning InstituteElder Dr. Mary McLaughlin
Sunday School - Elders
Bible Studies - Pastor/Designated Elders
Scholarship Fund - Sis. Inga Froneberger
Discipleship - Elder Deanna Alsup
Children’s Church – Sis. Keisha Menefee
Assistant - Minister Christina Taylor
New Members/Member Recruitment : Elder Dr. Mary McLaughlin
Elder Carolyn Jones
Minister Karl Wallace
Minister Peggy Norris 
Family Ministries 
Couples - Bro. Anthony & Sis. Mekong Taylor
Men - Minister Karl Wallace

Women - Elder Dr. Vernetta Owens-Clanton
 Youth/Young Adults - TBD
Young Men (13-24) - TBD

Singles - TBD

Seniors - D.I.T. Brenda Gladden

Health Ministry - Sis. Muriel Harrison

Ministerial Alliance: Elder Deanna Alsup  
Benevolence & Visitation - Elder Deanna Alsup 
Minister Brenda Patterson
Minister Karl Wallace
Deacon Will Brown
D.I.T. Brenda Gladden

Intercessory Prayer:  
Minister Karl Wallace, Church Intercessor
Saints On A Mission (SOAM): Minister Brenda Patterson 
Hospitality/Temple Host - Sis. Michelle Hill
Minister of Music/Worship & Cultural Arts: TBD
Dance  -  Sis. Mekong Taylor
Drama - Elder Carolyn Jones 
Mime:  TBD 
Outreach: TBD

Celebrate Recovery
Deacon Kevin Hill
EvangelismMinister Karl Wallace
Prison MinistryTBD

Food Pantry /Clothes Closet - D.I.T. Brenda Gladden
Culinary Arts:  Sis. Regina Lewis-Kennedy
Diaconate Board: Deacon Will Brown - Chairman
Deacon Robert Owens, Sr.  -  Vice Chairman
Facilities and MaintenanceDeacon Robert Owens, Sr.
Lead Custodian - Sis. Michelle Hill
SecurityBro. Devin Richburg 
Transportation - TBD
Trustee/Finance Board: Trustee Izora C. Rideout

Financial Administrator - Elder Edna Reynolds
Real Estate/Planning - Minister Sharon Taylor

Sacred Treasures (Church Store):  TBD