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December 11, 2017



Elder Cynthia Brooks

MD State Conference Coordinator

Baltimore, Maryland; December 14, 2012 – On December 14, 2012, the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship of Maryland will host its Second Annual Fellowship of Hope Worship and Outreach Encounter. This event will focus on servicing less fortunate persons and families within our churches and communities through the giving of Holiday baskets. The Fellowship of Hope Worship and Outreach Encounter will be hosted by District Overseer C. Guy Robinson and the Jones Tabernacle Baptist Church, with Dr. Lisa Weah, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of Music and Pastor of New Bethlehem Baptist Church, bringing forth the Word of God.

The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship of Maryland is lead by Bishop Bertha M. Greene, Pastor of Sacred Zion Full Gospel Baptist Church, Baltimore, Maryland, which is under the direct guise of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International (FGBCFI) where Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. serves as International Presiding Bishop.

FGBCFI held its first conference in 1994 at the New Orleans Louisiana Superdome where more than 30,000 attended.

FGBCFI provides "The Right to Choose", that freedom is based on the belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be promoted by recognizing the free expression of the gifts of the Spirit as a viable part of the Body of Christ. The Fellowship is convinced that the choice to exercise these spiritual gifts is imperative for the local New Testament Church to fully function as the dynamic organism God has intended. It is one of the first Christian fellowships with such an inclusive nature. It encompasses the scope of the Pentecostal movement for its spirituality, the Baptist Church for its structure, and the Word Church for its emphasis on the Word of God.

FGBCFI is a movement that has swept across the United States and abroad, blessing corporate and individual lives in immeasurable ways. The Fellowship continues to answer the call to "Change A Generation" through its commitment to submission and empowerment by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Living God guides the Full Gospel Baptist leadership and member churches in making a difference throughout the world.

FGBCFI touches the community in ways that are effective, truly making an impact of purpose. A portion of the proceeds are allocated to fund missions, foreign and domestic, including Feed the Children, nationwide charities, national disasters and many more. To date, The Full Gospel Baptist Church International Fellowship has donated more than $1.5 million and counting. This power driven conference has positively impacted thousands year after year.

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the Service will begin at 7:00 p.m. with Praise and Worship.

For further information contact:

Elder Cynthia Brooks

MD State Conference Coordinator

(443) 203-8599 - cvbrooks01@verizon.net
(SACRED ZION CD for Distribution in Fellowship of Hope Baskets)