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December 11, 2017
Sacred Zion Full Gospel Baptist Church seeks to avail the youth of our community with resources that will enhance the education they receive in their attending schools. Our goal is to provide assistance that will enrich the studies of  mathematics and language arts, while at the same time sharpening behavioral and social skills. 
(Session I of Kids in the Kitchen has ended. Notification will be posted at a later date for Session II. Below is information describing our Kids in the Kitchen Program.  There is also a Kids in the Kitchen posted diary on our website for Session I.) 
On Saturday, February 25th, 2012 (10am-12pm) we begin our Saturday Community Youth Enrichment Program with Kids in the Kitchen, a six week session focusing on healthy eating.  Dr. Chimene Castor (Nutrition Consultant and Founder of  *Sowing Seeds, Health Education & Nutrition, Inc.) uses our academic and social target areas as she instructs the children in food preparation. (Kids in the Kitchen was originally scheduled to begin 2/18/12 from 3pm to 5pm.  Apology is made for the changes in dates and times, necessitated in order to accomodate students wishing to attend from our neighboring elementary school, Mary E. Rodman.  Six classes will still be held, with a Closing Ceremony on 4/14/12.)

Additional information is addressed in the below flyer.  Please note, there will be no class on March 24th, 2012 (resumes following Saturday).  On April 14th, 2012, a Special Closing Ceremony will be held.
Reservations are limited for Kids in the Kitchen.  If you know of children who would like to register, please email Angie Page: a91901@aol.com.  Thank you! (Please click on subtopic Kids in the Kitchen to see the fun we are having!)


Join Us For Youth Weekly Prayer Every Sunday @ 8:45 PM

Join Us For Weekly Prayer Every Sunday  
Join YES for a weekly call as we Kneel Down to Stand Up for the Youth in our communities! Every Sunday at 8:45 PM. 

We come together in unity to lift up our Youth in prayer.   "Kneel Down to Stand Up"

(605) 475-4000 Access Code 495210#

If you have any questions, please contact LaTonya Savage @ (443) 418-6917!

Let's stand in the gap for our Youth!
JCTV (Jesus Christ Television)
JCTV is a youth & young adult (ages 13-30) television network devoted to music videos, owned by the Trinity Broadcasting Network. It is similar to MTV, but with a Christian focus.
JCTV combines music videos, youthful video jockeys, promotion of special Christian rock events, and news and documentaries about Christian bands and performers in an effort to establish popularity among Christian youth. JCTV also has numerous extreme sports shows that document extreme sports athletes and how their faith impacts their lives. In addition to music-based and action sports programming, JCTV also airs other programming such as the discussion program Ask God, the game show Virtual Memory with Jamie Alexander and the religious sitcom Pastor Greg; JCTV also airs Christian movies, typically on Sunday evenings, Thursday and Friday afternoons and certain late nights during the week. JCTV airs "sneak preview" blocks of its programming on TBN on Friday and Saturday late nights. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JCTV)
Bishop Greene encourages all to call your cable providers to add to their current station listings!  
JCTV can also be watched live online:

Internet Safety for Students: Do’s and Don’ts http://learn.tkschools.org/is/Resources/Do's%20and%20Don'ts.pdf

Do follow the rules that your parents have set regarding the time you are allowed to use the internet, the purpose of your use of the internet, the sites you are allowed to visit, and the limitations they have set.

 If you are using instant messaging or entering chat rooms, do stay on public, monitored and child-friendly rooms.

Do tell your parents immediately if you have encountered any problem while using the internet or if you have engaged in an uncomfortable situation.

Do use an alias or nickname every time you enter chat rooms and forums.

Do avoid posting your personal profile on the web. This may be used by online predators against you.

Do close the web browser immediately if you see any images of violence, nudity, pornography, sex, and other contents that aren’t right for your age. Do tell your parents about this immediately.


Don’t give your real identity to anyone you meet online. This includes your real name, address, school information, e-mail address, password, and bank account information.

 If you are using instant messaging or entering chat rooms, DON’T allow others to harass you or put you in an uncomfortable situation.

Don’t reply to or start a conversation with people you don’t know. Don’t accept gift offerings from them.

Don’t fill out any survey, membership, or application forms asking for your personal information from an unsecured site.


Don’t disable any security settings your parents have set such as antivirus, firewall, filtering, and site monitoring programs.

Don’t open, reply or download attachments from spam or from unknown senders. These may contain viruses or other threats that can harm your computer.

Don’t download any files that are given to you by people you’ve met online. Don’t download any files from your e-mail unless they are solicited.

Don’t use free and downloadable peer-to-peer file sharing programs (e.g. Kazza and Grokster)? These are spyware.

And most of all…..Do practice honesty and DON’T hide anything from your parents!