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December 11, 2017

Lenten Season: Revealing Jesus
Presenter:  Bishop Bertha M. Greene (3/7/12)

During this Lenten Season, in the approach to Easter, Bishop Greene poses this question to the Bible Study
congregants: What Do You Really Know About Jesus? Using The Holy Bible and Jesus Revealed: A 40 Day Discovery of the Scriptures Fulfilled by Jesus, the Anointed Son of God (Thomas Nelson Publishers) as source materials, Bishop reviews Old Testament Messianic Prophecies (predictions about a coming Messiah). She delves into an understanding of their purposes, and carries her students on a journey into the New Testament as verifications of prophecy fulfillments reveal Jesus. 

Although hundreds of divine revelations from God that a Savior would come to deliver, save and honor promises made to the Jewish people, as well as all believers, were made between 1450 B.C. and 430 B.C. (when the 39 Books of the Old Testament were written), focus is being placed on 40 such prophecies in particular this Bible Study session.  As examples:

Isaiah 9:7 (Old Testament Prophecy) - ...Upon the throne of David and over His Kingdom, To order it and establish it with judgment and justice 
Purpose - God promised to David a throne forever
Luke 1:32 (New Testament Fulfillment) - He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him a throne of His Father David
Isaiah 7:14 ...Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel
Purpose - God reveals His plan to bring humanity back into relationship with Himself long before Jesus was born
Luke 1:26, 27, 30, 24 ...(Message to Mary) You are going to be pregnant, you will have a Son, and you must name Him 'Savior', or Jesus
Bishop Greene's teachings on Revealing Jesus, as noted, continue throughout the Lenten Season. 
Please join us Wednesdays, 6:30 pm, as we feast in the knowledge presented. A Special Lenten Message follows each lesson.

Bible Study Lenten Message
3/7/12 - Messenger:  Elder Carolyn Jones
                 Topic:  The Kingdom of God is Within You
              Scripture:  Luke 17: 20-21...God's Kingdom is already among you.

Elder Jones initially reminded us in song that,
There is Something on the Inside, (that Works) on the Outside to make significant changes in our lives. That Something is the Kingdom of God.  In His love for us, we were made in His own image. If we allow, His Word separates our flesh from the Spiritual life He intends for us.
Concluding her most heart warming presentation with Philippians 4:13, all were encouraged to, ...do all things through Christ who (continuously) strengthens from within.
Revealing Jesus (3/14/12)
Presenter:  Bishop Greene
Tonight's lesson was centered upon the anointing of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit, with a concentration on The Holy Trinity as one in essence. Old Testament Scriptures ( Isaiah 11:2, Isaiah 61:1 and Psalm 45:7-8) predicted that this consecration would endow Him with understanding, wisdom, insight and power. Jesus would Honor God.  Bishop stated that it is imperative that in today's ministry, the self-same defined attributes must be present to save souls. One must embrace the wisdom coming from The Word and be lead by the Holy Spirit.
Parallel references to prophesy fulfillment were Matthew 3:16 ( the Baptism of Christ signaled the Holy Spirit's anointing); John 3:34 ( OT Hebrews 1:2 - Jesus speaks the Words of God); Acts 10:38 (OT Isaiah 61-the anointed Christ as Servant and Healer); John 18: 33-37 (OT Psalm 2:6 - Jesus as King); Hebrews 7: 14-17 (OT Psalm 110:4 - Jesus as Priest); and Acts 3: 19-22 (OT Deut. 18: 15,18 - Jesus as Prophet).
Bishop encouraged all to spread the message that this is a time for refreshing through turning to God. Repentance will wipe away sins. Open your heart to Jesus.
Bible Study Lenten Message

3/14/12 Messenger:
  Minister Garrett Reynolds
             Topic:  Revealing Jesus
             Scripture:  Philippians 2: 5-11
Minister Reynolds expounded upon Bishop's Lenten theme, reminding that to reveal is to make known what is hidden or secret. In that Christ has been shown to us, we must imitate Him and adopt His servant attitude. Using four key points: (1) Jesus is the Light of the World (2) Jesus is the Holy One; (3) Jesus is the Faithful Witness; and (4) Jesus brought Humbleness and Gentleness in Service, Minister Reynolds impressed upon all that our lives should reflect our Savior's fulfillment of the prophecies of His coming.
Revealing Jesus (3/21/12)
Presenter:  Bishop Greene
Bishop relayed that God Had Us On His Mind. Through prophecy, Isaiah revealed the Messiah would certainly come. He, God Almighty, would be a light to shine in darkness, and an All Loving Counselor.
As example, Isaiah 9:1-2  foretold Christ would live in Galilee.  In Matthew 4:13-16, we find Jesus living in Capernaum.  In all probability, he needed to get away from the intense competition in his hometown.
Bishop, from Isaiah 61:1 & 2, discussed the prophecy of the Messiah's mission.  This mission has been passed on to us to set souls free.  Luke 4:17 & 18 reflects Jesus quoting directly from Isaiah's prophecy of his mission, proclaiming himself the predicted Messiah.
Isaiah 54:4; 35:5 & 6 perplexed Old Testament dwellers as they could not comprehend the idea of Christ dying for our sins. We know with the fulfillment of this prophecy as told in the New Testament, God Had Us On His Mind.
Bible Study Lenten Message
3/21/12 Messenger:  Minister Shawan Torrence
             Topic:  Get Over It!
             Scripture:  Matthew 18:15&16; 21&22

Revealing Jesus
Presenter:  Bishop Greene
Jesus, our coming Shepherd (Isaiah 4:11; Psalm 23), was called the Good Shepherd in John10:11,14; the Great Shepherd in Hebrews 13:20; the Chief  Shepherd (1 Peter 5:4). 

The Shepherd knows His sheep by name and they know and respond to His voice.  Likewise, he knows our personalities, needs, feelings and desires.  He knows our every fault, yet he still loves us!  (Read John 10:2-4)

Confess: Jesus, on my own I am a defenseless sheep, and I wander. Now Praise Him for: being our Protector and Savior!
Jesus, your are God. In the past, present and future, You are there. You alone have conquered death.  Thank you for going to the cross and taking upon yourself the penalty for sin. Because of Your sacrifice and victory of death, I am redeemed to live forever with You and see Your Glory, Thank You Jesus

We must not be afraid of what is going on in the world. Evil is much stronger than we are. John assures us , however, God is stronger yet. He will conquer all evil—and His Spirit and His Word live in our hearts

Assignment: Prophecy-Triumphal Entry (Zechariah 9:9); Fulfilled (John 12:13 & 14)
Bible Study Lenten Message 
4/4/12 (Postponed from 3/28/12)    Messenger :  Minister James Reed
                                       Topic:  Religious Leaders Challenge Jesus
                                       Scripture:  Mark 11:27-33

Revealing Jesus
Bible Study Lenten Message Topic:  THE ROAD TO THE CROSS     
Minister Clarence Poole - Temple Cleaning (Matthew 21:12-22)
Elder Warren ChristianPreparation for Passover (Mark 14:12-16)
Elder Deanna Alsup - Unfair Trial (Luke 22:50-51)
On the Way to Pentecost: Getting to Know the Holy Spirit ( 4/18/12)

  Bishop Bertha M. Greene
Pentecost , the 50th and final day of Easter, celebrates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, ushering the beginning of the Church in the Book of Acts. Since we are on the way to Pentacost, an understanding of the Holy Spirit is the focus of  this Bible Study period. To effectively Fellowship and Commune with Him ( also referred to as the Holy Ghost), we must know who He is.
1) The Holy Spirit is a Person that functions with force.
2) We believe in God eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
Scripture Cited Titles for the Holy Spirit:

The Spirit of God - Genesis 1:2 (Equality with God and Personhood)
The Lord God - Isaiah 61:1 (God inspired Missions)
The Father - Matthew 10:20 (Comfort/Direction from Holy Spirit)
The Spirit of Truth - John 14:17 (Counselor, Advocate, Comforter)
On the Way to Pentecost:  Getting to Know the Holy Spirit (4/26/12)

  Bishop Bertha M. Greene
Scripture Cited Titles for the Holy Spirit (continued from 4/18/12)
The Spirit of Holiness - Romans 1:4-5 (Holy Nature)
The Spirit of Life - Romans 8:2 (Proclaims Gospel)
The Spirit of Christ - Romans 8:9-13 ( Control, Counteracts Power of Sin)
The Spirit of Adoption - Romans 8:14-15 (Assurance of Heritage from God)
                                     Luke 11:11-13 (God as Father)
                                     Galatians 4:6 (Free to Address God as Abba Father/Daddy)
Conclusion:  The good news is that through the power of the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be delivered from the emotions of our past.  The power is available to every believer, do not live beneath your privileges.  Get to know the Holy Spirit.
Teaching On The Holy Spirit (5/2/12)
Presenter: Elder Deanna Alsup
A. Called God  - Acts 5: 3 & 4
B. Joined with the Father and Son - Matt. 28:19; II Cor. 13:14
C. Eternal  - Heb. 9:14
D. Omnipotent - Luke 1:35
E. Omniscient - I Cor. 2:10 & 11
F. Omnipresent - Ps. 139:7-13
G. Creator - Gen. 1:2
H. Sovereign - I Cor. 12:6,11
I. New Creation - John 3:3,8
J. Sin against, Eternal - Matt, 12:31 & 32
A. Speaks - Acts 28:25
B. Teaches -  John 14:26
C. Strives with Sinners -  Gen. 6:3
D. Comforts -  Acts 9:31
E. Helps our Infirmities - Rom. 8:26
F. Is Vexed - Isa. 63:10
G. Is Grieved Eph. 4:30                                                                                                                             
H. Is Resisted Acts 7:51
Teaching On The Holy Spirit  (5/9/12: Continued from 5/2/12) 
Presenter: Elder Deanna Alsup

A. Speaks in Prophets - Acts 28:25
B. Speaks in Psalms - Acts 1:16
C. Speaks in All Scripture - 2 Tim. 3:16
D. Speaks in His Sword - Eph. 6:17
Presenter: Elder Mary McLaughlin
The Holy Spirit is the invisible power of God that works in many ways in our world.
To name a few, He:  1) Creates, Job 33:4; Gen. 1:1-2 & 1:26; Ps. 139:13-14
                               2) Renews, Is. 32: 13-15; Rom. 12:2; Ps. 51:10; Cor. 4:16
                               3) Convicts, John 16: 8-11
The work of the Holy Spirit could be modeled after "running the bases" for home:
                               1st Base = Guilt (2 Tim. 2:5)
                               2nd Base = Repentance (Ezra 9:6; Luke 18:13-14; Ecclesiastes 7:2-4; Ps. 13:1-2)
                               3rd Base = Power
                               4th Base = Home
                               Off Base = Distractions (Mark 15:29-30
                               Conviction is First Base in Our Love Affair with God
                               Home Run (Jer. 31:9; 12-13; Zeph. 3: 15-19; Is. 60:1-2, 4-5 & 20
                               STIRS UP HEATHEN KINGS: 2 Chron. 36:22; Ex. 10:1