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January 22, 2018

                                     BIBLE STUDY TOPICS
Bible Study  -  Instructor: Bishop Greene

Discerning the Voice of God  -  Letting Him Lead
•Over the past few weeks we have been walking through this book (by Pricilla Shirer.
•It really boils down to we need to answer this question: Is that you God?
•In the introduction we decided God loves us enough to communicate with those who place their faith in God. God will indeed speak to us.

How Communication Thrives
•On relationships - "My sheep hear My voice" and He knows His sheep and they know Him.
•With a right relationship with God you will recognize His voice.
•As Christians we have the supernatural ability to seek God’s guidance and specific directions for our lives.

The Miracle of the Holy Spirit
•Elder Alsup dealt with the miracle of the Holy Spirit and  the fullness of the power, the greatness and the character of God.
•That same Spirit is resident in the hearts  of the believers
•He is the Comforter, our Counselor, our Helper, our Intercessor, our Advocate and our Strength.
•The Holy Spirit is a Personal Guard who constantly draws our thoughts and hearts in line with God.

The Relationship Between The Conscious and The Spirit
•With Elder McLaughlin teaching we found that each of us has a deep voice called conscious.
•The problem with following conscience: our conscious is formed and developed based on personal environment and specific life circumstances
•It is shaped by tradition, right or wrong (truth and lies) which you were exposed to.

5 Ways to Ensure You are Hearing the Spirit
1. Look for the message of the Spirit and listen for it.
2. Live in the Mode of Prayer. Submit what you hear from God back to Him in Prayer
3. Search out the model of Scripture. Carefully consider the scripture. Does what you hear line up with Word of God?
4. Seek counsel of wise more mature believers who discern God’s leading in their lives.
5. Expect the mercy confirmation. Ask God for confirmation, which is God’s desire in that situation.

The Holy Spirit Trustworthy
•Elder Guy made her point by making use of a control tower.  The control tower alerts you if you are on a collision course with another plane.
•The Control Tower sees the whole picture and through the pilot, trusting, willingness and following the guidance, lives are saved. Use the control tower, your Holy Spirit.

The Ongoing Transformation
•Elder Reynolds made several points, the first of which was we are renewed when the Lord takes residence in our lives.
•We are equipped with everything we need to grow.
–Don’t receive the Holy Spirit in installments.
–The moment we accept Christ we receive all we are going to have of Him.

Your Spirit
•Allows contact w/the spiritual realm
•Allows you to access your emotions and mind
•Relates with the physical realm thru 5 senses
•As we yield to the Holy Spirit He:
–Conforms our souls; uses our bodies as instruments
–Choosing a deafening ear to the leading of the Spirit, one looks less transformed and needs more reform
Need Knee Replacement
•One loses nerve in knee, nerve not working so looses connection between brains and the knee
•Brain sends message but knee does not respond
•HOLY SPIRIT is the Spiritual Nerve that keeps us connected to God—hearing the voice of the Lord
•When that nerve is dead it prevents one from hearing from God
•Being disobedient to God we start damaging the connection between our ears and His heart
•Heart becomes hardened  and it becomes easier to sin
•Total replacement -  gradually the nerve returns, then restoration takes place
•There is much more that I had prepared but I am discerning the Spirit and forbid that I don’t respond to the Spirit.  Follow me

BIBLE STUDY  -  Instructor:  Elder Yvonne Guy

Based on the Book:  Is That You God?
A Taste of Discerning the Voice of God
By:  Priscilla Shirer

Who the Holy Spirit is?
Part of the Three-in-One God
Should not be called “It”

The Holy Spirit is a person and should be called He just as God the Father and Christ is a person, and should be called He.

Acts 5:3-4
He has all power
He knows all things
He is everywhere
He is alive forever

Let us Search the Scriptures
Matthew 4:1
John 14:17
John 14:26
Romans 8:9
Revelations 2:7, 11, 29

Airplane (Example)
What does a Control Tower do for an airplane?
Who is guiding the airplane
Do the passengers follow the direction of the person guiding the plane?
What is the result of following the instructions?

Who then is our Control Tower?
What does He do?
He keeps our ears connected with God’s all-seeing and all knowing wisdom.

We bulk at the Spirit’s guidance at some time or another.
We question whether the Lord truly understands a matter from all angles.
We live in fear that He might let us down
We sometimes shrug off His guidance
We try to become our own Control Tower.

Duties of
Tends their fleeces
Monitor their health
Seeks pure water for them
Rotate their pastureland
Looks out for their best interest

Don't try to become your own Control Tower
Know that you need a Shepherd
Give thought to what the Lord advises:
Lay aside what you think feels good
Lay aside what appeases your emotions
Lay aside what seems rational to your mind
Lay aside what suits your will

If you want to know the Voice of God:

Realize that the Holy Spirit sees the whole picture and may want to reveal something beyond what your physical senses can comprehend.
Realize that you have the power and the fullness and greatness of God available to you.
Realize that the Spirit’s guidance is part of our inheritance as Christ followers.
Realize you have a spiritual gold mine.

      WHAT AM I TO DO?    
Focus on the messages the Holy Spirit sends by:
Daily surrendering yourself to Him
Asking Him to heighten your spiritual senses
Asking Him for His guidance.
Trust the Holy Spirit – In doing so:
He will guide your decision
He will guide your responses

As God’s children and the sheep of His fold:
Retrain yourself to let the Spirit guide and dominate your decision making.
Obediently spend time getting to know Him.
Put your attention on the Spirit
Know that God reveals things through His Spirit
All in all, you can live in the peaceful reassurance that God is in control.
Now listen for His voice and follow your Spiritual Control Tower – The Holy Spirit!

April 11, 2013:

                                              A Word for the Season

5 Keys for winning over the Devil

By Marilyn Hickey

Spiritual warfare is part of every Christian’s life

  • What Ways

    • Physical. Emotional, spiritual, financial or personal

  • Understand you will have struggles or strife

  • You will never “outgrow” the need to wage war against the devil, your enemy

  • He has a plan for your life: to make you fail in your pursuit in a manner that is pleasing God

  • God’s plan for you is bigger than the devil’s plan

  • God wants you to win and the devil loses! That’s why we will provide 5 Keys to ensure your victory

Key #1—Focus on God

  • Key your eyes on the vision of God and the provision He has made for you to win the war.

  • In OT God told the people lift up their eyes

  • If you are depressed, lonely distressed or perplexed keep your eyes on God. He us your vision. He will see your through

Key #2—Use God’s Weapons

  • The key to defeating the devil is remembering to use the principles and weapons God has provided. Psalm 144:1 (READ)

    • Praise is one of the weapons against temptation or what we face

    • As we praise God for deliverance, our mind is fixed in the one who can deliver

    • Anything that keeps our mind focused on God is a helpful weapon against enemy attacks

    • Our praise of God’s work is our life can also be an encouragement to others

Key#3—Stand on the Word

  • People who say that can resist the devil without ever opening the Bible and spending time in prayer are prime subjects for the deceptions and devices of the devil

  • Your war is spiritual not natural

  • Read your Bible. Find a daily Bible reading plan

  • Consistency in the word brings victory

  • Make the promises of the Bible your life style and stand on them

  • Ephesians 6:13 if you take His Word as your armor, you will be standing tall at the end of the battle—a conqueror

Key #4—Get back up when you fall

  • Every one falls, but truly great men and women get back up after haven fallen

    • Abraham lied; Moses got angry, David committed adultery.

    • What makes them great is they pulled themselves up after the fell and they continued the fight of faith, fulfilling God’s plan for their life

Key#5—Hold on to your vision

  • Losers focus on the battle, but champions focus on the victory

  • Put you energy and focus on overcoming

  • Miracles are often preceded warfare.

  • The devil knows when a miracle is on the way and he will try to stop you from receiving.

  • The Hebrew Boys who were thrown in the fiery furnace. In the midst of the flame Jesus appeared. They focused on His presence, rather than the fire and they were saved.

  • Jesus will be with you in your fiery afflictions, too. He promise never leave or forsake you

  • Hebrews 12:2 “Looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith”.

    • Fix our eyes on Jesus. Just as a runner concentrates on the finish line, we should concentrate on Jesus

These five keys if applied are “battle strategies “ will help to win the war against the enemy. Using them, you cannot fail!

Imitate Christ

Our theme for this Lenten Season 2013 is Imitate Christ

- Lent originated in the early days of the Church as preparatory to Easter. It begins Ash Wednesday and ends Holy Saturday, the day before Easter

Tonight begins our 2013 Lenten season.  It is a time for Christians to purify themselves by praying, fasting and repenting of their sins, and
making changes and sacrifices in their lives.  The final week of this season is Holy Week, a time of observance and reflections focusing on the last days of Jesus Christ's life.  

Lent is a season of penance in preparation of the redemption.It begins February 13 and ends Saturday, March 30 following Tridum (a period of three days; passion, death, and resurrection). The Lenten season is a journey. 
The fast is for 40 days. 40 is significant because:
- 40 years of preparation of Hebrews to enter the promised land
- Moses stayed on the Mountain of glory 40 days (Ex. 24:10; 34:29)
- Elijah traveled 40 days before he reached the Horeb- mountain of God (! King
- Nineveh was given 40 days to repent (Jonah 3:4)
- Prior to Jesus undertaking his ministry, he spent 40 days in the wilderness praying and fasting.

40 days is a journey about discipline and self reliance.  It is three fold:
1. Prepare new converts for Baptism through intensive classes and instructions
2. Time for long-standing Christians to review their lives and renew commitment to Jesus Christ. You must be in right standing with Him to imitate Him
3. A time to get the attention of those who have fallen to be restored

It is a time of soul searching, reflecting and taking stock of our lives. To live up to our theme “Imitating Christ”, we need to spend some time in the presence of the Lord and withdraw as Jesus did and fasted 40 days. To imitate Him we must do what He did. Use this time to deal with moral issues that face Christians,and especially you.

My challenge to you during this time: use the time to deal with moral issues Christian face; pray and fast about them.  Your fast is your choice but it should be sacrificial (i.e. it could be sweets, meats, certain beverages, nicotine etc., but abstain from something.) Some might want to use John's fast which was no food or beverage except bread, water, juice honey and nuts.The fast is from Monday through Saturday as Sunday is considered the Day of Resurrection. During Holy week time will be designated when we will gather for prayer Monday – Wednesday. Thursday we will have a special Holy service that evening; Seven Last Words on Good Friday; have a fish fry and climax with Baptism Sunday Morning

Lenten Preparation
Guidelines for preparations using the Lord’s Prayer as Model
Choose what you will abstain from during this Lenten’s Season, the choice is yours ( i.e.  Sweets; meats, nicotine, and certain beverages. Or you can choose John’s fast which was no food or beverage except, bread, water, juice, honey and nuts.) The choice is yours, but abstain from something.  It should be sacrificial.

Preparation Period
Begin by using the Lord’s Prayer as our model
1. Addressing and worship God (Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be His name)
2. Submit to God's will—Lord set up your kingdom here on earth as so that we will obey you as you obeyed in heaven
3. Ask God for your physical needs—Give us some food for today
4. Ask forgiveness—forgive us for our wrong doings and forgive others
5.  Help temptations—Keep us from being tempted and protect us from evil

Allow this preparation time to be between you and God. Refrain from looking gloomy or as a show off (others don’t need to know you are fasting, but your father sees what is done in private and He will reward you. That’s the reward you want.

During Holy week we will have a designated prayer time Monday through Wednesday; Thursday; special Holy Service in the evening; communion  and feet washing; Seven Last Words on Friday time TBA;a fish fry;early baptism
Easter Sunday Morning and resurrection Sunday at 11:00

Things to reflect on
1. Am I gladly sharing what I have to others, especially to the poor and oppressed?
2. Do I have a gracious and patient attitude towards others, especially those who irritate me?
3. What sin lurks in my life and still lingers?
4. How is my devotional and prayer time progressing?
5. Am I listening to God more than complaining?
6. Am I thoughtful and forgiving of family or others, or do I take my frustration out on them?
7. Do I speak up for the maligned and oppressed, or do I remain silent in order
to remain popular?

First Fruits
Presenter: Bishop Bertha M. Greene
Committ to First Fruits


First Fruits Handout - 2013

Practical Advice about Giving

Four Ways to Ensure to Give God First

  1. Whenever you get money, set aside 10% or more to give as the Lord directs

  2. Whenever you a deposit in your checkbook, write out the first check (s) to God ‘s work for 10% or more

  3. If you are sophisticated and track your finances through a bookkeeping system or computer program, set up a category for church giving and another for Christian causes. Then begin faithfully set aside 10% or more of

your income into these accounts.

The Lord Watches Your Giving

Focus Scriptures: Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1, 2nd Corinthians 8:12; Exodus 35: 22, 27, 29; 2nd Chronicles 24:10

God Requires All to Give

Focus scriptures: Deuteronomy 16:16; 1 Kings 17:10-15; Genesis 28:2-22; 2nd Corinthians 8:2-4

Don’t Trust in Your Riches but Trust God

Focus Scriptures: Proverbs 11:28; 1 Timothy 6:17; John14:1; Job 31:24-28; Psalm 49:6-12

Train Your Children to be Faithful, and Generous Givers

Focus scriptures: Proverbs 22:6; Genesis 18:19; Deuteronomy 6:6-7; Psalm 78:4-7; Ephesians6:4

10 Biblical Reasons to Give 10% or MORE of Your Income to the Lord’s Work

  1. It is a proven pattern of giving done by Christ followers for many

Generations (Proverbs 3:9-10; Malachi 3:7-15)

  1. It will help you reverence God more in your life (Deut, 14:23; Malachi1:6-8)

  2. It will bring God’s wisdom and order to your finances. (Matthew 6:19-21, 24-34; Luke 12:16-21)

  3. It will serve as a practical reminder that God is the owner of everything in your life. (1 Chronicles 29:11-18; Psalm 24:1-2, 50:10-12; Haggai 2:8)

  4. It will allow you to experience God’s creative provisions. (Luke 6:38; Philippians 4:15-19; Mark 12;41-44)

  5. It will encourage spiritual growth and trust in God. (Proverbs 3:5-6; Malachi 3:8-10; 2nd Corinthians 8:5)

  6. It will ensure you of treasure in heaven. (1 Timothy 6:18-19; 1 Samuel 30:22; 111John 8)

  7. It will strengthen the work of your local church. (Acts 2:42-47, 4:32; 2nd Corinthians 9:12, 130

  8. It will provide the means to keep your pastor (s) and missionaries in full-time Christian service. ( 1 Cor. 9:9-11,14; 1 timothy 5:17-18, 111 John5-8; 11Kings 4:8-10)

  9. It will help accomplish needed building projects and renovations. 2nd Chronicles 24:4-14; Exodus 35:36; 11 Kings 12:2-26; Ezra 1:4-6; 1 Chronicles 29:1-19

First Fruits Means
•The Hebrew meaning of First Fruits  is “the first in place, time, order, or
rank”. It also means the beginning, the chief or principle thing, God always
lays claim to it.
•Lev. 23:10 (NIV). God declares, When you come into the land which I give you
and reap its harvest, then you shall bring a sheaf of the first fruits of your
harvest to the priest.

First Fruit Establishment
•God established the “Law of First Fruits”
–Lev. 23:9-20; Deut. 26:1-11
–First Fruits is a dedication to God with joy and rejoicing
–First Fruits proclaim dependence upon God.
–It is a calling upon God to bring blessing and preservation to your full
harvest and the full use of that harvest,
–First Fruits are an expression of prayer and praise to God.

Feast of First Fruits
•It was a reminder of all God had provided. Upon getting to the promised land
they were to confess and would retell the story of their small beginnings in
Egypt to their growth into a mighty nation
•Their tradition was to recite the history of God’s dealings with his people. 
What is your relationship with God? Tell someone now.
•The feast of the first fruits harvested be offered to God.  The Israelites
could not eat food from their harvest until they made this particular offering.
•Today God still expects us to set aside a portion first, not last. Giving God
leftovers is no way to express thanks
All First Belong to God
•The divine establishment of God’s order is actually the root, the foundation
that governs the rest.  In 2013 we want to get it right.
•Romans 11:16—For the first fruit is holy, the lump is also holy; and if the
root is holy, so are the branches.
•Stated differently, if part of a batch of dough is made holy  by being offered
to God, then all if the dough is holy. If the root is holy the tree will be holy
•The first represents the total. All firsts belong to God.
Honor the Lord
•Proverbs 3:9-10 (NKJV) Honor the LORD with your possessions, and with first
fruits with your increase; so your barns be filled with plenty, and your vats
will overflow.
•One's attitude is backward if you give God the leftovers.  It is better to give
the first of your income. That makes a statement that God is first and not your
•Our resources belongs to God and we are His managers of His resources.
•Giving God first helps to get rid of greed, helps us properly manage God’s
resources, and open us to God’s special blessings

How Do We Implement First Fruits
•Simply put, you keep first things first in every area of your life by:
–Give God the First of your Day. When you wake in the morning seek Him with your
first thoughts and prayers.  Early in the morning seek him.
–Talk to God first every day before you do anything else.
–Come to Him with your needs and desires-family, financial recovery and
blessings.  He will honor your faithfulness.
•As we begin 2013,  look ahead; what are your goals?
•Seek clear direction from God for everything in your life.
•Write it down and keep it accessible daily. Let it get deep into your spirit.

•Make an offering
–Give your first fruit offering in obedience to God’s command  and see the
activations of His promises.
–Your sacrificial offering will be a seed  for blessings the remainder of the
–According to EZ.44:30 (Contemporary), the first part of every harvest belongs
to the priests.  They will also receive part of all special gifts  and offerings
the Israelites  bring to me.  And whenever  any of my people bake bread, they
will give their first loaf  as an offering to the priests,and I will bless the
homes of the people when they do this.
•These laws were given originally to God’s people in the wilderness.  They
reveal the importance of approaching God respectfully, and place the
responsibility on the priests to live above reproach so they could carry out
their responsibility between the holy and profane.

•Next session: The Liberty of First Fruits
The Liberty of First Fruits
•Where does the liberty begin
•Our walk with Christ
•Our walk is a walk if faith (Heb11:1-5, read)
•Two words describe our faith: confidence and certainty; It begins with
believing in Gods character—He is who He says.  It ends with believing in God’s
promises even though we don’t see the promises—He will do what he says

What Pleases God
–Cain and Abel were the first sons of Adam and Eve  . Abel offered a sacrifice
that pleased God, while Cain’s sacrifice was unacceptable
–Why was Able listed as the elder of faith?  (Abel gave God the first and he
gave God the best) His attitude was right.
–Giving First Fruits is a faith walk 

Why are We to Walk With God
•Stated last week, it is our spiritual service to honor God:
–Proverbs 3:9-10 honor the Lord with your possessions (money) with the first
fruits part of all your increase; so your barns will be filed with plenty, and
your vats will overflow with new wine. ( then you will have more than you need)
–Romans 12:1 I beseech you therefore , brethren, by the mercies of God, that you
present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy acceptable to God which is your
reasonable service.
God Must Be First
•God must be first in our lives:
–Mark 12:30 And you shall love your Lord your God with all your hear, with all
your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.  This is the first
–There is a principle of first things (Matt. 6:31-33, read)
•Seek “First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” means to turn to God
first for help.  Fill your thoughts with  His desires, to take His character for
your pattern and to serve and obey Him in everything
•Malachai1:6-14 (Read)
–God laws required perfect animals to be offered, which means God requires the
–He accused them of dishonoring him by offering imperfect sacrifices.
–According to Romans 12:1 our lives are living sacrifices to God
•If we give God leftovers (time, money  and energy) we bring things that are not
valuable to God and that reflects our attitude toward Him
•Most important,  if we remember what we are giving is to God it might change
our attitude.
•By giving our best we honor Him and we trust in His provision.
•Wrong scarifies come from several reasons
–Experience—being as cheap as possible
–Neglect—not caring how they offered the sacrifice
–Disobedience—sacrificing their own way not as God commanded
•These methods of giving shows ones real attitudes toward God. How is your
attitude” doe experience, neglect or disobedience characterize your giving?
•In this text the intermediary was the priest and if he accepted imperfect
sacrifices he was reflecting God’s character and gives the impression that God
was fine with their imperfect sacrifices

First Fruits
•Is an expression of prayer and praise. The first presentation is called a
Sabbath.  A handful of new grain  was brought to the priests, who would wave it
in the air to and fro as a token to the God of heaven. The covenant people were
forbidden to eat of their grain until a handful  was offered to God
•The keeping of First Fruits allows God to eat first at your table , thus
inviting God to be at every meal.
•Once God is served those giving offerings (10%), others could enjoy the use of
all the rest (90%). This made all of their enjoyment holy and clean.
•First Fruit proclaims the end of wilderness living 
•Joshua5:11-12 (read)
– the day before they ate from the old grain, and on this day they offered the
first fruits which entitled them to the new grain, too ( no more need for manna)

January 2013
Presenter: Bishop Bertha M. Greene               
What is Faith?

- Read Hebrews 11:1
o Faith is taking God at His word and asking no questions. It pleases God (Heb.
o Faith is knowing all things work together to them who love God (Romans 8:28)
o Faith does not believe that all things are good or that all things work well. 
It does believe that all things (good or bad) work together for good to them
that love the Lord.

o Three kinds of faith
• Faith that comes by hearing
• Faith that is a gift of the Spirit
• Faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit

o Faith is released by prayer, actions and the word of our mouths
• Joshua was faithful to God and had the faith to enter the promised land
• Joshua moved into the gift of faith when he told the sun and moon to stand
still (Joshua 10:12-13)
• Moses received the gift of faith and caused the Red Sea to part
• The lame man at the gate of Beautiful to be healed (Acts 3:2, 6,8)
The importance of Faith (Read Ephesians 6:16 (shield of faith)

o Can’t be saved without faith John 3:36
o Can’t live victoriously over the world without faith I John 5:4
o Can’t please God without faith Heb. 11:6
o Can’t pray without faith James 1:6
o Can’t have peace without faith Rom. 5:1
o Can’t have joy without faith I Peter 1:8
o Justified by faith not works Gal. 2:16
o Made righteous by faith Rom. 10:1-4
o Christ dwells in your heart by faith Eph. 3:17
o The Holy spirit is received by faith Gal. 3:2

Other kinds of faith
- Read John 11:21-44
o Limited faith (Martha Lord if you had been here my brother would not have
died; her faith ended with Lazarus' death)
o Fundamental Faith—Martha’s faith was fundamental: verse 23 was to cause Martha
to have hope and faith, instead she said I know he will rise again in the
resurrection vs. 24.;  verse 25 she evaded the question by stating where she
was; in verse 27, faith must go beyond a creed to the living all powerful Christ
o Unlimited faith—came to Martha when she consented to remove the stone from the
grave vs. 41; she objected in verse 39, but in verse 40 she believed and waited
to see the glory of the Lord and was not disappointed

o God is moved by faith not need; facts of dynamic faith
• Faith requires pictures—it is the product of clarity (God showed the picture
to Abraham; the stars in the heaven.  What has he shown you?)
• Faith comes before sight, you must believe and then see
• Remove the limits; has no boundaries (Romans 10:17)
• Bible is the factory for our faith, everything is in the word.
• Faith is burned in your heart and not your head
• Have the options to live by faith or fear
• Refuse negativity in your ear gates

o Nature of faith
• Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians. 5:22)
• Work of God (John 6:29)
• God’s gift ( Ephesians 2:4)
• Comes from the heart (Romans 10:9,10)

o Faith results from
• Scriptures (John 20:30,31)
• Preaching (John 17:20)
• Gospel (Acts15:7)

o Kinds of Faith
• Saving (Romans 10:9,10)
• Temporary  (Luke 8:13)
• Intellectual (James 2:19)
• Dead (James 2:17, 20)
o Faith Described
• Boundless (John 11:21-27)
• Great (Matthews 8:26)
• Perfect (James 2:22)
• Mutual (Romans 1:12)
• Unfeigned (1 Timothy 1:5)
• United (Mark 2:5)

o Fruits of Faith
• Remission of sins (Acts 10:43)
• Justification (Acts 13:19)
• Freedom from condemnation (John 3:18)
• Salvation (Mark 16:16)
• Sanctification (Acts 15:9)
• Freedom from Spiritual death John (11:25-26)
• Spiritual light (John 20:31)
• Eternal Life (John 3:15,16)
• Adoption (John 1:12)
• Access to God (Ephesians 3:12)
• Edification (1 Timothy 1:4)
• Preservation (John 10:26-29)
• Inheritance (Acts 26:18)
• Peace and Rest (Romans 5:1)
o Place of, in Christians life
• Live by (Romans 1:17)
• Walk by (Romans 4:12)
• Pray by (Matthews 21:22)
• Resist evil by (Ephesians 6:16)
• Overcome the world (1 John 2:13-17)
• Die in (Hebrews 11:13)

o Growth of, in Christian life
• Stand fast in (1 Corinthians 16:13)
• Continue in (Acts 14:22)
• Be strong in (Romans 4:20-24)
• Abound in (2 Corinthians 8:7)
• Be grounded in (Col. 1:23)
• Hold Fast (1 Timothy 1:19)
• Pray for increase (Luke 17:5)
• Have assurance of  (2Timothy 1:12)

o Examples of faith in Old and New Testament
• Abraham—Romans 4:16-20
• Moses—Hebrews 11:23-20
• Rehab 11:31
• Centurion Matthews—8:5-10
• Jarius—Mark 5:22-23
• Bartimaeus—Mark 10:46-52

o Faith as a body of belief
• Church established in—Acts 16:5
• Stand Fast in—1Corintians 16:13
• Household of –Gal 6:6
• Some shall depart from—Luke 18:8; 1 Timothy 4:1
• To be sound—Titus1:13

o Faithfulness

Faith notes: January 16, 2013

Shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16) is a necessary piece of the spiritual armor. 
As Christians, we are in warfare battling with principalities and powers (the
powerful evil forces of fallen angels being lead by Satan and lodged as vicious
attacks on Christians.)  I Peter 5:8 let's us know the adversary (the devil) is
a roaring lion whose attacks are vicious, and hit hard.   His intent is to slow
your roll, or knock you down.  Hence, the shield of faith is a necessary part of
the armor. 
Satan attacks through insults, setbacks, and temptations.  If you utilize your
shield of faith properly it will protect you from the flaming arrows.  With
God's perspective we can see beyond our circumstance and know the ultimate
victory is around the corner.  We indeed need the shield of faith

Saved by faith (John 3:36) Believing in Jesus ensures everlasting life.  Eternal
life begins at the moment of spiritual rebirth.  So, faith is necessary to be

Victory by Faith (I John 5:4) If we want to be victorious and defeat the world,
faith gives us that victory.  Despite what we are going though, and/or the
burdens in our life, you can always trust Christ to help us to get through. But
it requires faith.

Faith pleases God (Hebrews 11:6) Faith is needed (James 1:6) to get to the
throne of God in prayer (James 1:6).  God does not grant every selfish request,
so to ask in faith means to ask with confidence that God will align our desires
with His  purpose.  Matthew 21:22 makes it clear, I merely say if we have faith,
when you pray God will give whatever you ask. Joy is linked to faith (I Peter
1:8-9). Although you don’t see Jesus now, if we still love Him, and have faith
in Him, no words can explain the joy you can experience.  This lets us know that
turning our will and life over to God is critical to healing and deliverance. 

Now when going through we may fail to see God in the situation and might even
question where God is in this.  if you just totally surrender to God during
those difficult times you can still realize joy.  At some point, despite what
went on or is going on, joy comes in the morning. Faith is linked to peace
(Romans 5:1). Having peace with God doesn’t necessarily mean having a peaceful
feeling. Peace with God means that we have been reconciled with Him.  There is
no more hostility between us, no sin blocking our relationship with Him.  Peace
with God is possible only because Jesus paid the price for our sins with His
death on the cross

Justification by faith (Galatians 2:16) God only accepts those who have faith in
Jesus Christ. No one can please God by simply obeying the Law. So put your faith
in Christ Jesus. God accepts us by faith.
- Paul is not saying law was bad. In fact, in Romans 7:12 he said the law is
holy.  However, the law never makes us acceptable to God.
Law is good:
o To guard from sin by giving us a standard for behavior
o To convict us of sin, giving us a chance to get right with God and asking for
o Drives us to trust in the suffering of Christ because we can’t keep the 10
commandments perfectly.  The law can't possibly save us,  but after we become
Christians the spirit controls us.

Need faith to live righteously (Romans 10:1-4) When you accept Christ as your
Savior you don’t need the law to direct you. You have the indwelling Holy Spirit
to guide and direct you.

By faith, Christ will live in your heart (Ephesians 3:17) Stay firm and be
rooted in His love—God's love is such it reaches every corner of your life; His
love is so deep that it reaches discouragement, despair, even death; and it is
so wide it covers all the things we experience in life.  When you are shut out,
or isolated, remember we can never be lost from God's love.

The Holy Spirit is received by faith (Galatians 3:2) Galatians knew they could
not get the spirit by obeying the Jewish laws. The term "made perfect  by the
flesh" meant trying to reach maturity by mere human efforts.  So Paul stressed
just as we are saved by faith, we grow by faith.  We must understand and realize 
that we grow spiritually because of God’s work in us, not by following special
Faith Slides 10-14 (January 23, 2013)

God shows Abraham a picture to get his faith to kick-in (Genesis 17:1-5)
- God promised him numerous children
- He was 99 and wife was barren, that required stretching his faith
- Just as Abraham saw things as possible, so do we (so a picture is required)
- Genesis 15:5 God took Abraham out at night and told him to look up at the
skies and see the stars. "Can you count them? Your descendants will be like
- So hard to believe that Abraham and Sarah tried to help with Hagar (who gave
him a son, Ishmael), only to find that God delivered Isaac as the promised son
- Has God shown you something?   When will your faith kick in?
- Following God, despite what it looks like, is the path to faith
Faith comes by hearing, and hearing - the word of God
Bible is the factory of faith, that’s why you must hear the word of God.
- A factory manufactures, so if the Bible is the factory, we need to utilize the
manual to build our faith; so we must read the manual and apply it
Faith burned in our heart—one can hear things and mentally receive them, but
until it penetrates the heart we will not act on it.  Case in point -  Abraham
heard what God said mentally, but not until it was burned into his heart did he
believe. His barren wife conceived and then came the promised son!
Live by faith or fear
- Deut1:22 let's us see how fear hinders faith.  It hinders from utilizing the
power of God and walking in faith.  The spies were sent out to scope the
promised land to determine whether they should enter. Upon returning, most of
the spies decide it wasn’t worth the obstacles.  Have we missed some blessing
because of fear?  God had given them power to posses the land, but fear hindered
them.  They did not have faith, and trust in God.  Faith says God has empowered
us to overcome obstacles, so don’t allow obstacles or difficulties to not walk
by faith.
- Following God regardless of what we come up against is the way to increases
our faith
Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22)
- The fruit of the spirit is a spontaneous work of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit
produces character traits, one of which is faith.  Faith is Spirit that is a
byproduct of Christ control, and it is obtained by joining our lives to him
(John 15:4, 5.)  Abiding in Jesus is the only way to truly know God and to
receive faith. That is done by believing  Jesus is the son of God (John 1:12),
doing what God says (1 John 3:24), continuing in faith (1 John 2:24)
Faith results from:
- Scriptures (John 20:30-31) to understand the mission and life of Jesus fully
we need to study the word of the Gospel. The Gospel includes everything we need
to know to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God through which by
faith we receive eternal life
- Preaching (17:20) a message through praying for oneness, protection from evil
and sanctification.  Praying for these things should increase our faith as we do
work for the Kingdom
- Gospel (Acts 15:7) Peter was addressing the leaders and told them you all know
that God chose me long ago to preach the Gospel to the gentiles so they could
believe.  Faith does result through the Gospel.
Saving faith (Romans 10:9-10) is needed to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and
Savior and have eternal life
Temporary faith (Luke 8:13) parable of the 4 soils.  The soil is one's heart.
The focus on this verse is when the word falls on hard soil, or rock, people
follow Jesus in belief of the message, but never get around to apply it. Stated
differently, the seed on rocky ground gladly hears the message and even accepts
it, but doesn't have deep roots. Therefore, it is temporary (believe for a
little while so when things get hard they give up)
Dead Faith (James 2:17-20)
- Faith is the cornerstone of healing and deliverance so in doing this study,
move from making commitments without following-up with action.  It is good to
believe, but that’s not enough. Even demons believe. James says faith that
doesn’t show itself by good works is not faith at all; it is dead faith

Faith Notes Slide 14 1/30/13

Last week we ended with dealing with saving faith, a must to have eternal life;
limited faith or transient faith—that faith that drops off at a point;
intellectual faith—in your head and not in your heart (you have faith as long as
you can rationalize, or you have the superior intellect); Dead Faith—faith
without action

Faith that Works

Boundless Faith—John 11:21-27—faith with no limits. 
-Process to boundless (unlimited) faith begins with (if you look at the text),
"Martha said, 'Sir, if you had been there my brother would not have died.' Jesus
spoke and said, 'Your brother will rise.' "
-Move to but it is not too late
-Next, an intellectual moment, "I know he will rise at the resurrection in the
last days." Jesus speaks again, "I am the resurrection and the life."
Are you getting it? Martha finally gets it..believe.

Great Faith—Matthew 8:10—this was the faith of the centurion,  a career military
person with authority over soldiers. They had to move when he said and do what
he said. But he had a need - his servant was at home dying with palsy. Jesus
said, " I will come and heal him." He swallowed his pride and sought Jesus to
heal his son. He said he was unworthy for Jesus to even come into his house, but
said, "If you will speak a word, my servant will be healed."  Jesus marveled at
this man and said, " I have found such great faith."  Do you relate as
Christians? Are there some believers who have more faith in Jesus than us?

Perfect Faith—James 2:22-23— Paul trusted God so much that he was willing to do
whatever God told him to do. His faith was made perfect, or complete,  but what
he did showed up in actions and his good deeds. Abraham was justified because of
what he did, and Paul was justified because he believed.  Is that a conflict?
No, indeed! They actually complimented each other in that beliefs bring
salvation. With that comes active obedience, which demonstrates that our belief
is genuine and is perfected.

Mutual faith—having the same relationship to each other—Romans 1:12—Read from
KJV, that is, "That I may be comnforted together with you by mutual faith of
both of you."
Paul here was praying a chance to visit these Christians so that he would
encourage them with his gift of faith and be encouraged by them. (An exchange)
We ought to be eager for fellowship and encouragement of one another.  There
ought to be giving and receiving. Let’s take a moment and do that.

Unfeigned Faith—1 Timothy 1:5  is faith that is not simulated, but genuine. 
Paul’s desire was that all Christians be filled with love that comes from  pure
hearts, and we need to be motivated by love, truth and faith.
An example is from Timothy’s mother and grandmother. They communicated their
strong faith to Timothy and didn’t allow that his father, who was probably not a
believer, interfered with them from sharing their faith.  Don’t hide your faith
from family members. In fact, your family is good ground to sow the seed of

United Faith Mark 2:5 Jesus healed the paralyzed man. He first let the man know
his sins were forgiven.  When Jesus says that the faith was strong enough to
come though a roof to get to him, that translated to united faith for them to
get that man to Jesus.  He healed that man and told him to get up and take his
bed and walk. That ignited a praise service.